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After healing and recovering from ovarian cancer, I began to heal the rest of my life. I had been suffering from the effects of childhood neglect and abandonment, sexual betrayal trauma, and generations of family addictions and dysfunction. At some point during my healing journey, I felt a sacred call to help others find the healing and serenity I was manifesting for myself. I LOVE my work as a Wisdom Partner and Mentor. This calling arose from years and years and hundreds of hours of healing work. Through this healing work I found new freedom and lots of JOY and peace of mind. Because I was able to heal and recover from my complex traumas and come out stronger and happier, I know it’s possible for my clients to do anything, including facing and overcoming their deepest fears and limiting beliefs so they can live life feeling free and confident, and UNAFRAID to risk joy!

Because of family alcoholism and dysfunction in my childhood, I grew to fear and distrust other people. I became rigidly self-reliant to the point of painful emotional isolation and workaholism. It took ovarian cancer and marital betrayal to drop me to my knees and force me to look deeply into my life. So much has changed for me since that double life crisis. I jumped onto a wonderful and terrible healing journey that included at least a dozen therapeutic modalities, hundreds of hours of meditation, and a devoted exploration new spiritual practices.

Now, instead of blaming others, or my past, for how my life is unfolding, I take responsibility for my own happiness and choices. It feels incredible, almost like I have grown a set of magical wings that lift me above and away from the resentments and triggers that used to bog me down in anger and fear. I have the courage to take chances, to risk joy in big and small ways.

As part of my healing journey, I faced the victim mindset I'd been carrying (what? not me, I’m a strong, empowered woman!)- and learned to take responsibility for my own part in how my limiting beliefs, fears and old wounds continued to drive unhealthy attitudes, behaviors and habits I had adopted that were negatively impacting my relationships and my wellness.

Through my healing work I found antidotes to cope with and counter harmful behaviors and influences in my life. I found new freedom and lots of joy and peace of mind.

Bringing together my personal experience of transcendence from cancer and marital betrayal, my training as a certified Life Coach, Spiritual Energy Coach, and Reiki practitioner, adding my skills as a certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator, I now help my clients re-imagine and remake their lives after a life-altering health crisis.

I live in the gorgeous and green Pacific Northwest with my husband and two rascally dogs named Penny and La Beau. I spend free time kayaking, riding my scooter (beep beep), making art, gardening, and taking solo road trips in my camper van.

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